Genius Income Tax Software Hyderabad, India - Best Return Filing Software

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  • Buy Online Income Tax Calculation software in Hyderabad, India for the Assessment Year 2000-01 to Current Assessment year.
  • Computation of Income taking care of Deductions, Rebates, Losses, Clubbing of Minor's Income, Unabsorbed Depreciation.
  • Automatically Preparation of Return Forms ITR-1 to 8 & MAT Certificate (Form 29B).
  • Generation of Various Reports viz. Pending PAN / TAN, Pending Returns, Pending Assessment Orders & Refunds date-wise Report of return filing.
  • Preparation of Statement of Affairs, Profit & Loss A/c, Multiple Capital A/c & Trading A/c. Profit automatically transferred to Computation.
  • Preparation of Form 49A & Correction Form of 49A as well as online submission of the same.
  • Automatic transfer of Master Data of Client, Carry forward of Losses, NSC, KVP Details to next Assessment Year(s).
  • Facility to Calculate Advance Tax as per Previous Year figures or data inputted in Current Year.
  • Relief Calculation for Arrear, Gratuity, Pension and Family Pension from A.Y. 1979-80.
  • Automatic preparation of Form 10E.
  • Preparation of Tax Challans-280,281,282 as well as ePayments online.
  • Separate Statement of Capital Gain in Tabular Format.
  • Calculation of Interest u/s 234A, 234B & 234C.
  • Reverse Tax Calculator.


  • Facility to Generate Bills or Receipt.
  • Customized Bill Format.
  • Reporting in many ways viz. Client Ledger, Service Tax report, Discount Report, Outstanding Amount Report.
  • Auto Generation of Bill No. and Receipt No. (optional).
  • Automatically Generates Information of ST-3

Wealth Tax

  • Computation of Wealth Tax.
  • Preparation of Return in Form BA.
  • Interest Calculation.


  • E-filing of Forms ITR-1,2,3,4,5,6,8 is Available in XML Format. Online processing directly through the software.
  • Included in the list of “Software Providers” by NSDL