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Beyond managing existing content,GEN CMS lets users easily create and manage everything from a simple article of text and images to full functional web sites. Web publishing works alongside GEN CA Portal’s larger collection of applications, which means that you can add in shopping cart functionality, visitor polls, web forms, community collaboration tools and more. Everything is done with our collection of easy-to-use tools with familiar rich-text editors and intuitive interface. Client can published its information on portal using GEN CA CMS.

Offline Content Management Systems

  • SOFT SOLUTIONS Web Design have created our own “offline” content management system to overcome many of the disadvantages of typical “online” content management systems. The benefits our system offers include:
  • Greater security
  • Faster operation
  • The website can be previewed on the customers PC before uploading.
  • Our system can be linked to virtually any existing database on their PC for web publishing.
  • It has no specific web hosting requirements, the customer is free to host the site wherever required.
  • It has been designed from the onset to overcome the search engine performance limitations introduced By many online content management systems. Hence it maximises a sites potential at search engine.

Fully Integrated Security

  • Blog it forward: There’s so much wonderful content online. Why keep it to yourself? Now you can share it on your blog – in seconds.
  • Share it. Share copy, images, and video – from other blogs or sites like Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo, and Photobucket. It’s as simple as sending an email.
  • Attract new readers: When other bloggers share your content with Blog It, a link back to your blog is included, making it easier for new readers to discover you.

Easily add, edit and manage images on your site

  • Uploading images to your Pixpa portfolio gallery is a breeze. We have developed a multi-image uploader which you can use to upload single or multiple images to any of your galleries. The uploader also automatically resizes your image to best fit your website, creates default thumbnails and optimises your images to ensure a balance between image quality and loading time. You can sort and sequence your websites menu structure, and galleries as well as images in any gallery. Use the sort order number in your menu structure to sequence links and galleries.To sort and sequence images in any gallery, simply use the intuitive drag-and-drop interface to sequence images as you wish and then save your sequence. Its as easy as that.

Menu and Navigation Management

  • The simple menu is probably the most frequently used menu control of all - in fact it is in use on this website, as the main left-hand navigation. The menu shows all pages that exist within the current level in the navigation as well as pages that appear in the parent levels. The menu has the option to enable security, so you can personalise the experience of users visiting the site and only show them sections or pages that you have given them permission to access. Permissions are totally granular so you can be assured you will be able to configure the permissions the way you want.

Advanced Search Capabilities

  • Having your very own search engine for your site will enable your visitors to quickly and easily find just what they are looking for, without having to navigate through numerous menus or wade through long lists of options. Your users can just type in a few keywords for what interests them, and within seconds they are shown to the exact pages on your website that are relevant. Usability studies show us that more than half of all web users are search-dominant, meaning that they will go straight to the search box when they enter your site, rather than try to find information following your navigation links. They are not interested in looking around the site but rather in finding what they want as fast as possible.

Add Blogging Functionality To Your Site

  • Convey information and facilitate conversations around blogs directly. Liferay's Blogs provide the best features of modern blogging tools and allow you to keep up with everyone's thoughts and activities via dynamic RSS feeds to your email or a "Recent Blogs" display.

Bulk SMS

  • Sending bulk sms messages couldn’t be any easier. Our user friendly SMS Manager allows you to send a single or mass text messages to any mobile phone using your web browser. There is no software to install, just login to your account online.

Bulk Email

  • Instead of toggling between Literacy and your preferred email client, simply send and check email directly through Social Office.A full AJAX-based webmail client can be configured to interface with many popular IMAP email servers.


  • This allows users to keep track of people both inside and outside the organization and automatically adds colleagues that share Site membership. Uses can email an entire group of Site members all at once.

Activity Tracking

  • See what everyone is up to. Activity tracking keeps tabs on personal and team activity and displays this information in various “Recent Activity” viewers for each specific tool, for all items tagged with a certain key word and on a Facebook-style Activity Wall.Tracking works for wiki entries, blogs, message boards and recent activity in the document library!


  • Each user can fill out their own online resume-style profile that can help members discover expertise in the organization. Support project profiles, profile tagging, and personal information.