TDS Software - Gen e-TDS in Hyderabad

  • Preparation of e-TDS return as well as paper return. Correction Statement of Form No. 24Q, 26Q, 27Q, 27EQ can also be prepared.
  • e-Filing available from A.Y. 2003-04.
  • User can Prepare Annual Return in Form 24, 26, 27, 27E, Quarterly Return in Form 24Q, 26Q, 26QA, 27Q, 27EQ, Certificates in Form 12BA, 16, 16AA, 27D & 27A, 27B
  • Generation of TDS/TCS Certificiates (Form 16, 16A, 27D) for all the Employees/Deductees in PDF Format signed with Digital Signature (optional) with facility to Email.
  • Preparation ofTDS/TCS Book Adjustment Form (TBAF).
  • Salary Calculation taking care of chapter VIA Deductions and Tax thereon.
  • Facility to calculate amount of monthly TDS to be Deducted in case of Salary.
  • Preparation of Lower Tax Deduction Forms viz. 13, 15C, 15D, 15G, 15H, 15I, 15J.
  • Data can be Imported / Exported from MS-Excel Files / Text File/FVU File.
  • Various reports viz. Continuous Printing of Certificates, Deductee wise Payment (Summarized and Detailed), Challan wise Details, Certificate Issue Register, List of Clients not having PAN and Address.
  • Included in the list of “Software Providers” by NSDL.
  • Preparation of Form 49B & Correction Form of 49A.
  • Miscellaneous useful information like all India Pin Codes, STD Codes, ISD Codes, List of TIN FCs, TAN/PAN AO Codes, Bank Branches BSR Codes, Service Tax Ranges, MICR Codes, IFSC Codes.