Gen Desktop Payroll Calculation Software in Hyderabad, India

gen gst software

Dynamic Formula Creations for Salary Calculation.

  • Different types of Formulas can be set according to different criteria/conditions

User can create Salary Set up as per requirements.

  • This allows us to create Salary Heads in the required structure, link it for TDS calculation.
  • Flexible Salary Structure provision makes the software easy to adapt to any kind of Salary Structure.

Import & Export Facility of Salary Set up.

  • Once the Set up is created, it can be exported and same Set up can be imported in different Company.

Preparation of User-defined Pay Slips.

Different options available to include:

  • Company Logo
  • Leave Summary
  • Loan & Advance Balance
  • Salary paid up to Previous Month
  • Salary Period
  • Authorized Signatory Name
  • Header, Footer, Notes etc.
  • TDS Summary
  • Actual Scale
  • Fields having Null Value
  • Reimbursement Slip
  • Employee Signature

E-Mail Facility of Pay Slips.

  • Once All Employee’s e-mail addresses saved in Master Details, it can email the pay slip automatically to all/selected employees with user-defined message, subject and Excel/Word/PDF/HTML Format.

Export Facility of Pay Slips in Excel/Word/PDF/HTML Format.

Over Time Calculation.

  • Options available to calculate Overtime rate Auto/Manually.
  • Import/Export facility of Overtime data.

Arrear Calculation.

  • User-defined arrear set up.
  • Amount wise or day-wise arrear calculation.

Increment / Decrement Facility.

  • Bulk Increment/Decrement facility with both options (i) Rs. and/or (ii) %

Reimbursement Facility.

  • User can define various Reimbursement heads and their opening, balance, budget.
  • Carry Forward facility of Monthly Balance.
  • Reports like Monthly Reimbursement Slip/Advice, Yearly Sheet.
  • Monthly Restriction Facility.
  • Import facility of Opening Balance from previous year.

Project-wise Salary distribution.

  • User can define various projects undertaken by Employees and their project- wise salary distributions.

User can maintain various Loan Accounts.

  • It automatically deducts EMI from monthly salary.

Employee wise Advance Account.

  • User can specify the advance deduction from monthly salary.

Quarterly, Half-Yearly and Yearly Incentive Calculation.

  • Once you define the Incentive Set up, it automatically calculates Incentives in the specified months.

Auto Bonus Calculation.

  • User-defined Bonus Set up allows to calculate Bonus automatically according to user-requirements.

Inclusive in-built TDS Utility

  • Auto Calculation of Tax on Salary as per Income Tax
  • Preparation of Form 16, Form 16AA, Form 12BA,Return Form ITR-1& ITR-2 Form 16, Form 16AA, Form 12BA Continuous Printing.
  • Preparation of Draft Computation Sheet.
  • E-Mail facility of all Forms.
  • Auto Calculation of TDS is to be deducted monthly.
  • Preparation & E-filing of Form 24Q.
  • Preparation of Salary Computation Sheet.
  • Facility to generate Digitally Signed Forms like Form16, Form16AA,Form12BA.

Leave Management with Dynamic Leave Rules.

  • Financial-Year or Calendar-Year wise user-defined Leave Set up.
  • Formula can be put to calculate Earn Leave automatically.
  • Earn Leave facility.
  • User can specify Monthly Calendar according to Employees’ weekly-off.c

Statutory Forms Preparation

  • Auto calculation of PF, ESI as per Statutory Rules.
  • Auto calculation of Professional Tax State-Wise as per Statutory Rules PF, ESI, Bonus, Pension, Gratuity, Wages Register.
  • Monthly/Quarterly/Half-Yearly/Annual Statutory Reports for Provident Fund, ESI, Professional Tax, Bonus etc.
  • Forms of Employee’s Pension Scheme, Employee’s PF Scheme, Employee’s State Insurance Regulation, Minimum Wages, Payment of Bonus, Payment of Gratuity, Payment of Wages.

Employees’ Provident Fund/Employees’ Pension Scheme

  • Monthly Forms => Monthly PF, PF Challan, PF Form-12A, PF
  • Form-5, PF Form-10, Pension Form-1
  • Yearly Forms => PF Form-3A, PF Form-6A
  • Declaration Form => PF Form-2, PF Form-11
  • PF Withdrawal Form 19, Pension Withdrawal Form 10C

Employees’ State Insurance Corporation

  • Monthly Forms => Monthly ESI, ESI Challan
  • Half-Yearly Forms => Form-5, Form-6, Form-7
  • On-line Form-1 (Declaration Form) Submission

State-Wise Professional Tax Forms

  • Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Forms.

Classification of Employees Under

  • Branch/Category/Designation/Department/Scale/Shift

Various Innumerable MIS Reports

  • Preparation of Cash, Cheque, Transfer Register.
  • Preparation of Bank Statement.
  • Preparation of Payroll Register, Salary Computation Sheet.
  • Full & Final Settlement of Account.
  • General and Advance Search for Employee Information
  • Duplicate/Blank List of Employee Code/ PAN/ PF No/ ESI No/ A/c No
  • Attendance Register.
  • Paid Leave Register.
  • Unpaid Leave Register.
  • Overtime Register.
  • Bonus Register.
  • User-defined Appointment Letter.

Various Report Formats – Word/Excel/HTML/PDF. Flexible Data Import and Export.

  • Employee’s Master Information.
  • Employee’s Salary Data.
  • Employee’s Attendance Sheet.


  • You can lock the salary till the specified month.
  • You can lock the particular Salary Head through Salary Setup.

Stop Payment Facility

  • You can mark the employees to stop their payment.
  • Reverse Salary Calculation

Bulk E-Mail Facility

  • You can select the number of employees and send a common message/attachment to all those employees in one shot.

Document Manager

  • You can link various documents like C.V., Photos, Leave applications, Transfer letters, Increment letters, Appointment letters etc. related to employees in the software.
  • You can view, edit and save those files through software.
  • Files can be in any Word/Excel/PDF/JPG/BMP format.
  • Automatic Transfer of Master Data of Employees, Salary SetUp, Salary Detail, Leave SetUp to Next Financial Year.
  • Complete Data/ Company-Wise Data Back-Up and Restore Facility.

Picture-Wise help for Assistance.

  • Miscellaneous useful information like all India Pin Codes, STD Codes, ISD Codes, List of TIN FCs, TAN/PAN AO Codes, Bank Branches BSR Codes, Service Tax Ranges, MICR Codes, IFSC Codes.
  • Keep you update for new software updates and news available on our Websitec