Facility of Correcting SB005 Error for IGST Refunds Extends by CBIB

CBIC (Central Board of Indirect Taxes & Customs) has released Circular No.22/2020 on April 21st 2020. Exporters will be informed by these circular regarding decisions taken by authority. Facility of SB005 error correction for shipping bills has been extended by 31 Dec 2019 for IGST Refund.

According to information this is a fully automated mechanism of disbursal of complete IGST Refund. It was blocked because of the error SB005. This error was occurred by mismatches in GST return data and data of customers that was presented with shipping bills.

Here you need to know that investors use two type of invoices one is commercial invoice and second is tax invoice. GST is used in tax invoice and commercial invoice is used by exports. The reason of Error SB005 was matching of invoice numbers.

CBIC already informed all the members of trade, exporters, shipping lines and custom brokers to understand this error. It is also decided to reduce the chance of occurrence of this type of errors in future.