Benefits of Filing GST Return Using GEN GST Software

There are many companies who provide GST filing software’s online. GEN Soft Solutions Online is one of the best GST Software providers in Hyderabad, India. GEN GST software is build with multiple features that allows users to fill their GST return without any error. Below are the features of GEN GST Filing Software you must know.

  1. Cloud Platform: GST 2.0 Version is the latest GST Filing software by GEN Soft Solutions Online. This software is based on cloud platform and can be accessed off line and on line from anywhere in the world.
  2. Run on Any platform: GEN GST Software 2.0 is not depended on any specific platform. It can be run on any platform without further modifications. Platforms like Mobile/Tablet, PC and MAC
  3. OS Independent: This software is not dependent on any specific OS. IT can be run using any operating system without any modification. Version 2.0 GEN GST Software supports following operating system. Android, iOS, Windows and Android
  4. Retun Forums: This software has a feature that shows return forum filed directly using the software.
  5. Data Import:  Gen GST software can import various data from excel, GST portal and renowned accounting software’s easily.

To know more about GEN GST Filing Software you can visit this page.