AOC 4 (MCA) Form Filing Guide with Due Dates & Late Filing Fees

AOC 4 MCA Form Format

What is AOC 4 Form in MCA?

Financial statements are the source on the basis of which the Board of Directors and shareholders can evaluate the performance of a company. E-Form AOC 4 is for filing the company’s financial statement for every financial year with the Registrar of Companies. The company is responsible for duly furnishing the form within 30 days of its Annual General Meeting.

What Documents are Needed with Form AOC 4?:

  • Balance Sheet with its Notes
  • Profit and Loss Statement with its Notes
  • Cash Flow Statement.
  • Statement of Change in Equity.
  • Reports from the Auditor
  • Reports from the Board
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Report, if Any
  • Statement of Subsidiaries in Form AOC-1, if Any
  • Other Relevant Documents,if Any Required

For filing E-form AOC-4 approval of practicing professional is required i.e. practising Company Secretary (CS) or Chartered Accountant (CA).

Guidelines to Follow while Filing AOC 4 Forms

As per Company Act 2013, all the registered Companies in India need to furnish Form AOC 4 for every financial year. Any failure or delay in filling the form may attract fine/penalties on the company

Directions for filing company annual returns and annual account

  • The company must appoint and authorize the auditors for the audit of the financial statements.
  • As per the company act, the directors with the help of other key officials have to prepare a board report.
  • In the Board Meeting, the Financial Statement and the Board report has to be approved.
  • The financial statement shall be framed after conclusions of the Annual General Meeting (AGM). After all, shareholder’s approval is the ultimate requirement for accepting the financial statements.

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Who Needs to File AOC 4?

There are certain parameters for the applicability of filing a financial statement in XBRL format. Here is the list of companies who are required to file AOC 4 XBRL for every financial year:

  • The companies have paid capital of Rs. 5 Crores or more.
  • Companies with an annual turnover of Rs 100 Crores or more.
  • Companies listed with the stock exchange in India and its subsidiaries.

Filing Fees for AOC 4 Form

Fees Structure for Filing AOC 4 is based on the authorized capital of the company:-

  • Less than 1,00,000- Rs 200 per document
  • 1,00,000 to 4,99,999-Rs 300 per document
  • 5,00,000 to 24,99,999- Rs 400 per document
  • 25,00,000 to 99,99,999-Rs 500 per document
  • 1,00,00,000 or more -Rs 600 per document

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Penalties on Delay of E-Form AOC 4

From 01st July 2018, the late filing of Form AOC-4 shall attract the penalty of Rs. 100 per day till the date of filing.

Earlier there was a penalty slab for late filing of E-form AOC-4:-

  • Delay up to 30 Days – 2 times of normal filing fees
  • More than 30 days and Up to 60 Days – 4 times of normal filing fees
  • More than 60 days and Up to 90 Days – 6 times of normal filing fees
  • More than 90 days and Up to 180 Days – 10 times of normal filing fees
  • More than 180 days and Up to 270 Days – 12 times of normal filing fees

Apart from penalties, there are even worst consequences on delay, the Directors, Managing Director or Cheif Financial Officer of the company may get convicted and sent to jail or may get bound to pay the sum of fine as per the provision of Companies Act 2013.

Related to Approval and Certification

The data presented in the form needs approval from the director, manager, CFO and CEO. Given that the information is accurate and is in compliance with the law. The E-form AOC 4 shall be digitally signed by one of the following authorized people:

  • Director
  • Manager
  • CFO
  • CEO

A statement confirming the authenticity of the information entered in the form is required by a full time practising CA or CS. Such professional shall also digitally sign the document and affirm that the information is verified by him. The membership number and the Certificate of practising number have to be mentioned on the form.