An Easy Guide to Filing GSTR 1 Online with Complete Return Procedure


Here we start by describing GSTR-1. In GSTR-1, the suppliers will report about their outward supplies during the reporting month. As such, all the registered taxable persons are needed to file GSTR-1 by the 10th of the ensuing month. It is the primary or the start line for passing input tax credits to the dealers.

Who needs to file GSTR-1?

GSTR-1 has got to be filed by “all” taxable registered persons under GST. However, some specific dealers aren’t required to file GSTR-1; instead, they are required to file other different GST returns because the case could also be. These dealers include all the E-Commerce Operators, Input Service Distributors, the dealers registered under the Composition Scheme Non-Resident dealers, and Tax deductors. The GSTR-1 has to be filed even in the cases when there is no business conducted during the reporting month.

How To File GSTR-1 Online?

GSTR-1 has 13 different heads that are required to be filled in. We have mentioned the major ones here:

● GSTIN of the taxable person filing the return-

Auto populated result.

● Name of the taxable person – Auto-populated field

● Total Turnover in the Last fiscal year – this is often a one-time action and has got to be filled once. This field is going to be auto-populated with the closing balance of the last year

● The amount that the return is being filed – Month & Year is out there as a sink for selection

● The details of the Taxable outward supplies made to registered persons – CGST and SGST shall be filled in case of intra-state movement, whereas IGST shall be filed only in the case of inter-state movement. Details of the exempted sales or sales at the nil rate of tax shall even be mentioned here.

● Details of the Outward Supplies made to finish customer, where the worth exceeds to the Rs. 2.5 lakhs – aside from the mentioned, all such supplies are optional.

● The entire of all outward supplies made to finish consumers, where the worth does not exceed the Rs. 2.5 lakhs.

● Details of Credit Notes or Debit Notes.

● Modifications to outward supplies of previous periods – aside from these two, any changes made to a GST invoice has needed to be mentioned during this section.

● Exempted, Nil-Rated, and Non-GST Supplies – If nothing was mentioned within the above parts, then complete details of such supplies need to be declared.

● Aspects of Export Sales made – additionally to the sales figures, HSN codes of the products supplied need to be also mentioned.

● Tax Liability arising out of advance receipts.

● Tax Paid during the reporting period – it also can include taxes purchased earlier periods.

The form has got to be digitally signed just in case of a corporation or an LLP. In contrast, within the matter of a proprietorship concern, an equivalent is often signed physically.

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