Stress Upon Cutting Higher GST Rates on Aluminium Vessels

GST Rates on Aluminium Vessels

Vessels are very common yet essential in every kitchen. No family in the country is unaware of its usage, importance and noise. A similar echo is in Union Government appealing to reduce GST on vessels.

Deputy Speaker Pollachi V. Jayaraman who attended the annual meeting of the federation on Sunday told media that the vessel manufacturing industry is one of the renowned industries in the nation as vessels are widely used in houses, hotels, restaurants for cooking and serving purposes.

The industry, despite being of high importance is depressed due to high GST rates, shortage of workers and high cost of raw materials. The vessels are manufactured mainly in Coimbatore, Chennai, Salem and Madhurai. Stressing upon the current situation, members of the federation appealed to the Union Government to reduce GST on aluminium vessels.

Items like aluminium utensils are not among the luxurious products and therefore a lower GST slab should be defined for such commodities, says CAIT also to social media.

Many industries including vessels and auto parts manufacturers are pleading for relief from such high GST rates which are ultimately leading to a slowdown in sales.

About 150 key officials from different parts of the nation attended the meet which even discussed the latest technologies and amendments in favour of such industries.

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However, it is to be seen how the government will cope up the request of the community for the rate reduction as there is already a tax collection burden on the union government.

Apart from the GST rate cut, the auto industry is also on the same track and want some relief from the additional taxes on the industry

The upcoming GST council 37th meeting which is to be held on 20th September in Goa may discuss some of the topics on GST rate cut.