Govt to Initiate GST Return Filing (Sahaj & Sugam) via SMS

GST Return Filing Sahaj & Sugam Via SMS

The provision announced by the Central Government is a big relief to Small Traders. Commencing from 1 April 2020, the provision gives taxpayers the facility of filing GST just by sending an SMS from their registered number. The only disclaimer is that their turnover must be suspended. Not only this, small traders are obliged to file their returns once every three months via SAHAJ and SUGAM forms.

GST Network CEO Prakash Kumar told to the sources that taxpayers with suspended turnover are filing GST just because they have a GST number that they are obliged to file the returns, they are filing the returns. There is segregation for such taxpayers under the new GST system which will now ensure that such taxpayers are allowed to submit their returns only by sending SMS from their registered mobile numbers.

Returns can Now be File via SMS

As per the reports, commanded by the new system locked turnover assessee will have to send an SMS in return an OTP will be communicated to the taxpayer on his/her registered mobile number. On entering the relevant OTP their returns will be considered as filed.

The Technique will be in progress from 1st April 2020.


Taxpayers with the annual gross income of up to Rs. 5 Crore were earlier obliged to file GSTR 3B form but now two new forms are assigned for such assessees. The GST RET-2 Form is designated for those doing B2C business of up to Rs. 5 Crores per year.


The law is convenient for businessmen as they will pay the tax every month but have to file the returns once in three months. Similar to that GST RET 3 or SUGAM form is obligatory for those whose annual turnover is up to Rs 5 Crore or who deal in bulk products or involved in B2B businesses. The form is filed on a quarterly basis, but tax payment will be on a monthly basis.